No Man’s Library / La Biblioteca di Tutti

by nomanslandfoundation


No Man’s Library / La Biblioteca di Tutti
curated by Zerynthia

Opening May 10th 2018 – 6 PM
Ex Biblioteca Universitaria, Piazza Università 21, Sassari (IT)
Duration of the exhibition: 11/05/2018 – 30/06/2018 

It happens in Sardinia, the marvellous island.
What’s going on? The spaces of the former library of the old University of Sassari – long since empty of their books that have migrated to a new building – are filled with contemporary art. Ceramics, textiles, bronze, glass and water, small objects, neon and laser, site-specific interventions… and obviously tons of paper, tons of words and different languages. Then there’s photographers, poets and filmmakers making their contributions. An exhibition in which each of the 54 artists of the international scene(16 nations and 4 generations) is given a set of shelves, from A to X, like in any respectable library. The exhibition, curated by Zerynthia, is accompanied by a programme of interdisciplinary workshops and seminars coordinated by Decamaster / University of Sassari.

Mario Airò / Maria Thereza Alves / Marco Bagnoli / Massimo Bartolini / Gianfranco Baruchello / Elisabetta Benassi / Rossella Biscotti / Katinka Bock / Paolo Canevari / Jimmie Durham / Bruna Esposito / Jan Fabre / Matteo Fato / Marco Fedele di Catrano / Federico Fusj / Rainer Ganahl / Alberto Garutti / gerlach en koop / Laura Grisi / H.H. Lim / Fabrice Hyber / IRWIN / Franz Kapfer / Gülsün Karamustafa / Koo Jeong A / Donatella Landi / Felice Levini / Sergio Lombardo / Mark Manders / Kris Martin / Liliana Moro / Hidetoshi Nagasawa / Matteo Nasini / Olaf Nicolai / Maria Nordman / Luigi Ontani / Luca Maria Patella / Luana Perilli / Cesare Pietroiusti / Alfredo Pirri / Michelangelo Pistoletto / Annie Ratti / Gert Robijns / Remo Salvadori / Maurizio Savini / ManfreDu Schu / Roman Signer / Ettore Spalletti / Michele Spanghero / Donatella Spaziani / Leonid Tishkov / Luca Vitone / Erwin Wurm / Zafos Xagoraris
Claudio Abate / Elisabetta Catalano / Gino Di Paolo / Attilio Maranzano/ Massimo Piersanti

Video excerpts by
Jean-Baptiste Decavèle / Bernhard Riff / Antonio Trimani / Tommaso Trini /Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani
Special Guests
Yona Friedman e / and Maria Lai

Manuscripts of poets
Anna Cascella Luciani/ Alda Merini / Daniele Pieroni /Francesco Serrao / Valentino Zeichen

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No Man’s Library / La Biblioteca di Tutti is part of the triennal project Sentieri Contemporanei promoted by Fondazione di Sardegna with Zerynthia Contemporary Art Association OdV and Decamaster / Master Degree in Law and Economics for Culture and Art of the University of Sassari, patrocinated by Fondazione No Man’s Land.

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