NOW Check-point / From La Montagne de Venise to No Man’s Land

by nomanslandfoundation

NOW Check-point / From La Montagne de Venise to No Man’s Land

by NOW – New Operation Wave

17th – 20th March 2017
Venice -> Loreto Aprutino

A journey orchestrated by NOW – New Operation Wave setting off from La Montagne de Venise in the Venice Lagoon and leading to No Man’s Land in Loreto Aprutino. Both interventions by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, that have had the active participation of NOW, are connected with the territory through their adaptable nature. They are not defined locations, nor are they pre-established architectural models, but rather they constitute a background for the development of a new vision of art and architecture. On the boundary between the two is born the willingness to create new images, far from the idea of a building or the mere object of a work of art in a world overflowing with constructions.

The NOW Check-point is set up as an extemporaneous residency where young architects, artists and curators are involved in the creation of a choral site-specific project based on the single modules making up the Montagne. The four days include discussions and moments of experimentation via simple actions.

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