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by Francesco Fonassi and Fabio Perletta
curated by NOW – New Operation Wave
8th July – 8th September 2017 
Palazzo Casamarte, Via del Baio 4, Loreto Aprutino 

In the old oil mill of the Palazzo Casamarte, in the heart of Loreto Aprutino, Francesco Fonassi and Fabio Perletta present the site-specific sound installation  restāre (remaining, 2017, 6’25’’),  curated by NOW – New Operation Wave, in conjunction with Pian de Pian Piano for No Man’s Land Foundation, by Alvin Curran.  
Two synchronized sounds mark the difference between the hard work and rest of the oil workers. Perletta’s small frequencies, inspired by Japanese culture, are mixed with samples from Cujë la livë – a traditional song about the harvest recorded by Carlo Di Silvestre in 1995 and performed by the singers of the Gran Sasso – stratified by Fonassi, via a ‘hyper-vocal’ situation, to the point of reaching crepuscular sonorities.
The event is held in conjunction with the exhibition of the English landscape photographer Michael Kenna, promoted and organized by the Loreto Aprutino Civic Museum Foundation, curated by Vincenzo de Pompeis.

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