No Man’s Refuge

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We have put together a prototype under the great umbrella of Yona Friedman’s vision. The idea of the prototype is proposed as a basic element for whoever may need it. It represents a refuge for all, intended as a place for being together, one that is creative, born as it is from the energy of those present. It is exportable as an idea to any location in the world and we are delighted that it has been first built here in Rotacesta, together with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, with whom we continue this adventure.  

Yona Friedman, upon seeing the result, said: “mais c’est merveilleux! We have created a new type of tent!”. It is a tent that does not close, it is not dark nor is it anchored to the ground, but it participates in the life around it and the life around it in turn comes inside. No one thinks it is possible to spend a lifetime inside a refuge like this, yet it is also true that when one no longer has anything – Friedman’s own situation when he fled from the Nazis during the war – this prototype becomes a stimulus for recovering the energy with which to set off again. Currently, millions of people are in movement, a huge, relentless process. It is thus necessary to invent a world that can respond to these movements. This is an architecture of the mind, that looks to the future.

from speeches by Gemano Del Conte, Mario Pieroni, Dora Stiefelmeier

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