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No Man’s Refuge

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We have put together a prototype under the great umbrella of Yona Friedman’s vision. The idea of the prototype is proposed as a basic element for whoever may need it. It represents a refuge for all, intended as a place for being together, one that is creative, born as it is from the energy of those present. It is exportable as an idea to any location in the world and we are delighted that it has been first built here in Rotacesta, together with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, with whom we continue this adventure.  

Yona Friedman, upon seeing the result, said: “mais c’est merveilleux! We have created a new type of tent!”. It is a tent that does not close, it is not dark nor is it anchored to the ground, but it participates in the life around it and the life around it in turn comes inside. No one thinks it is possible to spend a lifetime inside a refuge like this, yet it is also true that when one no longer has anything – Friedman’s own situation when he fled from the Nazis during the war – this prototype becomes a stimulus for recovering the energy with which to set off again. Currently, millions of people are in movement, a huge, relentless process. It is thus necessary to invent a world that can respond to these movements. This is an architecture of the mind, that looks to the future.

from speeches by Gemano Del Conte, Mario Pieroni, Dora Stiefelmeier

Friday 13th July 2018 h 5 p.m.
No Man’s Land – Contrada Rotacesta – Loreto Aprutino (Pescara), Italy

The No Man’s Land Foundation, in collaboration with Fondazione Baruchello and Zerynthia
invite you to the performance
Adozione della pecora, Lezione N.1 (Adoption of the Sheep, Lesson N.1)
with the participation of the Istituto Comprensivo di Loreto Aprutino.
It is better to live 100 days as a sheep than 1 as a lion. G.B.
Through the adoption of the sheep everyone can become a shepherd of a flock spread around the world. Friday 13th July at 17.00 the students of the Istituto Comprensivo di Loreto Aprutino, together with their families, will lead a symbolic flock to pasture under the direction of Maestro Gianfranco Baruchello.
Contrary to traditional flocks with a sole shepherd, this flock defines a propriety characterised by sharing. Gianfranco Baruchello’s entire body of work is based on visionary proposals that aim to spark new economic and social dynamics.
There will also be a round table dedicated to the adoption of the sheep at 18:30 in the nearby Limonaia di Terre di Varano, participating in which will be Maria Alicata, Simone Ciglia, Felice Cimatti, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Enrico Fracassa, Massimiliano Scuderi, Carla Subrizi.
No Man’s Land, the site-specific installation by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle has, since May 2016, been open to all in the  Contrada Rotacesta di Loreto Aprutino. Last summer a permanent work by Alvin Curran was added: a piano in the middle of a walnut forest playing a melody with no beginning or end.
The round table can be heard on www.radioartemobile.it .

ADOZIONE DELLA PECORA (ADOPTION OF THE SHEEP) – Contrada Rotacesta, Loreto Aprutino (PE). Directions on google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/fDxvQyShQsQ2
18:30 ROUND TABLE – Limonaia di Terre di Varano, Contrada Varano, Catignano (PE). Directions on google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/E2kQCzpVyJu

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Opening 8th July 2017 – permanent installation
No Man’s Land – Contrada Rotacesta – Loreto Aprutino (Pescara), Italy

The No Man’s Land Foundation presents Pian de Pian Piano for No Man’s Land Foundation, a permanent site-specific installation by Alvin Curran.

A piano in the middle of a walnut forest… “…an absolutely biological product in which sound and nature fuse in total harmony, as if a grand piano had fallen purely by chance from the heavens right in the middle of No Man’s Land. It lands and continues to play a concerto for piano and symphonic forest … a melody with no beginning and no end.” A.C

The sound/visual installation curated by Zerynthia – Voluntary Contemporary Art Association, was created specifically to be an essential part of No Man’s Land by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle.
Alvin Curran, the American composer takes music out of its designated places around the world, experimenting with new modalities of interaction with spaces and with the public.

Alan Di Girolamo (DG Tecno), Antonella Pieroni, Paolo Pinci (M.G. Pinci), Mario e Mirella Valenti.

Opening 14th May 2016 – permanent installation
Contrada Rotacesta – Loreto Aprutino (Pescara), Italy

Saturday 14th May 2016, at 12.00, opened at Contrada Rotacesta in Loreto Aprutino (Pescara) the site-specific installation No Man’s Land by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle. The project was born from the significant collaboration between the artists, Mario Pieroni, who donated the ground on which the installation has been constructed, Zerynthia Association and ARIA with Cecilia Casorati, the foundation’s artistic director.
The artist’s starting point is the consideration that the world is already too built up and that architecture ought therefore to be rethought. It is not a case of building new structures but rather of building new images.
The installation extends over more than two hectares of countryside and is composed of a large natural tapestry made of white river stones, a structure of 1000 bamboo canes recalling the artist’s museum without walls, and an imaginary dictionary carved into over 200 walnut trees. The construction has seen the active participation of the students of the Rome Academy of Fine Art, the Pescara Faculty of Architecture and the Art Schools of the area, becoming as such a privileged place for the renewal of educational processes and for the spreading of culture.
The aim of the No Man’s Land Foundation, is that of exporting the model of “non-property” to other places, inspiring a series of initiatives on the theme of evolution of territorial culture, according to Friedman’s participative philosophy.