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The No Man’s Land Foundation has as its objective economic/social innovation and regeneration through the vectors of contemporary art and scientific research.


It proposes and sustains, projects that are able to respond flexibly to the diverse needs of the various sociocultural contexts in a horizon of ecosystem sustainability, marking the advocated projects with the “No Man’s Land” logo.

The Foundation sees society and the environment as systems that can only be defined as people-oriented and that must as such be valued by people. The Foundation promotes the direct involvement of the public and values concepts of autonomy, sustainability, adaptability, self-organisation, self-planning.

Yona Friedman, Franco-Hungarian architect, born in Budapest in 1923, is the philosophical reference of the Foundation, of which he is also Honorary President.
He is known the world over for his theory on mobile architecture, conceived and created for and with the people.

He affirms that No Man’s Land allows everyone to develop their own individual culture while simultaneously entering a reticulated structure, “No Man’s Land is perhaps the first step towards reinventing humanity.

The No Man’s Land Foundation, constituted in Loreto Aprutino, (PE), Italy, was recognised as a legal entity in March 2017.


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