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Visitors of No Man’s Land

Michael Margotta, Cinzia Mascoli and the actors of the workshop “From Basics to Script Analysis”, ICTA 2019
No Man’s Land – 2nd June 2019

On Sunday, June 2nd, No Man’s Land hosted the actors from the workshop of ICTA 2019, with their guest professor Michael Margotta and Cinzia Mascoli from “Artisti 7607”. Mario Pieroni, Dora Stiefelmeier and Germano del Conte together with Barbara Nardacchione and Giorgia Montebello received them and presented the prototype  “No Man’s Refuge / Il Rifugio di Tutti” installed recently together with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, following Yona Friedman’s instructions.


Photo: Barbara Nardacchione

Federico Nicolao, Tristan Lavoyer and the students from École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris Cergy, part of the project “ARC – Paysage Ouvert” 
No Man’s Land – 30th May 2019

On Saturday 30th May the Comprehensive Institute of Loreto Aprutino organised an event in No Man’s Land dedicated to “Listening to Nature”. Professor Nicolao and Tristan Lavoyer took a lecture inside the bamboo structure. The students recorded audio and video materials for further elaboration. The evening was dedicated to the consultation of books by No Ma’s Land Foundation with the presence of the members of the Board Gino Di Paolo and Elena Petruzzi, who hosted the group at La Limonaia Terre di Varano. The group visited also Pollinaria of Gaetano Carboni, which works on the dialogue between art and agriculture. Sunday morning Simone Ciglia gave a lecture on his book “Il Campo Espanso”, followed by a discussion with the students.  


Photo: NOW – New Operation Wave

Erasmus +  – teachers, principals and  members of the Erasmus Committee
No Man’s Land – 15th January 2019

In the context of the program Erasmus + a group of twenty teachers, principals and some members of the Erasmus Committee visited Loreto Aprutino. After a  presentation of No Man’s Land Foundation the group visited No Man’s Land with the precence of the Mayor Gabriele Starinieri, Dora Stiefelmeier of the Scientific Committee and Gino Di Paolo of the No Man’s Land Board.  The children of Loreto’s school organised a little performance about the 17 ONU Objectives / 2030 Agenda. 


Photo: NOW – New Operation Wave

Nico Dockx and artists from the Swamp School
No Man’s Land – 28th May 2018


Photo: NOW – New Operation Wave